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Power Transformers

Power transformers above 10MVA, 33KV class and upto 160MVA, 220class are manufactured in Greater Noida. ATL have already supplied over 50 Nos of 132KV class transformers, which are running successfully at various substations across the country. The first 40MVA, 132/33KV ‘Accurate Make’ transformer installed at Greater Noida sub station of UPPCL, has already completed 5 years of service after successful commissioning in year 2004

Power Transformers ranging from 3.15MVA to 10MVA in 33/11KV Class are manufactured at our plant in Haridwar and Ghaziabad. ATL has an installed base of over 3000 power transformers across the country in this range.
Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers in the range 5KVA to 2500KVA, 11KV Class are manufactured at our units located in Haridwar Ghaziabad and Dehradun. The total installed base is well over 1.5 Lakh transformers in this range. We are also manufacturing ‘star rated’ transformers that are designed for extremely low losses.

Turnkey Projects
  We have successfully executed Nainital Project worth Rs. 422 million and electrified 35 villages with 11000 Nos. BPL Connections.
  We have successfully executed Etah Project worth Rs. 642 million and electrified 741 villages with 12000 Nos. BPL Connections.